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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Employee Monitoring

From Grauniad of the UK

Suspension of disbelief

The mere idea that it might be completely normal for an employer to implant microchips into members of staff to better monitor them -- that very idea is extraordinary. And, of course, the said employees are all volunteers! 😁

Why not brand them with the company logo on their buttocks, while we are at it?


Robot News

From Grauniad of the UK

One would have thought there were more than enough people around...

What's better: doing all your banking on line, or going into a branch manned by robots and equipped with machines? 


Friday, May 11, 2018

Somewhere in Scotland

Somewhere in Scotland

Jumping Robot


What bothers me is that he doesn't have a head. They could stick a plastic head on top of the robot -- Larry or Mo or Curly, for instance. Or the head of a wild boar, grinning, as he jogs past you: unforgettable.

The humanoid robot by Boston Dynamics is seen running through a field and jumping over a log.

When Robots Talk

From Grauniad of the UK

Hopefully, before long, people will be able to send their humanoid robot double into work, and no one will notice the difference...

And, if the dinner date is nothing to look forward to, the Replicant can go along and stand in for Master. 

What a bright AI-enabled future. 


"I was asking Roger a question and he sounded, somewhat robotic."

"Robotic? You mean, more than usual?"



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